AGM Meeting Minutes - March 17, 2018

Red Deer Beekeepers Association Annual General Meeting Minutes
March 17, 2018


Meeting called to order at 2:05 PM



1. Introductions & Quorum Count

Board members, Charity Briere, Carol Hoskin, James Morton, Calvin Goulet-Jones, Eileen Berry, Rod Almond


2. Approval of last AGM minutes – Dale Bowler moves to approve, Charity Briere seconds


3. President report – Charity Briere, acting president

  • 55 members paid
  • Keeping the facebook page local was mentioned
  • Charity resigned as president.


4. Treasurers report – Eileen Berry

  • Financials reviewed as of January 31, 2018 and balances as of March 13, 2018.
  • Financial reviews will be submitted to the Province of Alberta.


5. Old business



  • New website swarm reporting was successful last year, less swarms reported than 2016.
  • Looking to add a report bumble bees to the website


Red Deer City Council:

  • Bylaw – still being worked on, didn’t meet in 2016 due to it being an election year



  • Level one beekeeping went well
  • Looking into teaching with local teachers

6. New business



  • New addition of the market place, local bee stuff, members post free.
  • Looking to add Adopt a bee keeper! Members who want to place bees rurally can be matched with landowners willing to have bees.
  • Addition of google calendar


Collaborative purchase:

  • Peter Sutherland, extended purchase date, delivery date April 14


2018 schedule:

  •   Tees bees field day, April 28, 2018
  •   Association purchases, Calvin Goulet-Jones motions to approve purchase of a vaperizor for members to rent, Carol Hoskin Seconds, All in favor.
  •   Carol Hoskin motions to purchase chairs for future meetings, Charity Briere seconds, All in favour.
  •   Medhat Nassar advises not to purchase a honey extractor for rental due to disease transfer, all agree.
  •   Charity motions to rent a PO box, Rod Almond seconds, All in favour.

7. Research collaborative:

  • Charity Briere is leaving to obtain her masters of science in entomology, she will be researching populations of native bees locally with Dr Ralph Carter, bumble bees vs honey bees.

8.  Medhat Nasr delivered talk on Provincial initiatives in beekeeping.

9.  Malcolm Connell delivered talk on the newly formed United Beekeepers of Alberta Council.

  • Provincial scope representing the interests of all small scale and hoobiest beekeepers around the province.
  • Important to have representation as we are no longer represented in the Alberta Beekeepers Commission.
  • Looking to have membership and move forward with development of the organization.


10.  Elections:

   James Morton: President
   Calvin Goulet-Jones: Vice president
   Treasurer: Eileen Berry
   Secretary: Carrie Farnel

   Directors at large:
     Carol Hoskin
     Charity Briere
     Deborah VanDelden
     Rod Almond
     Dale Bowler

  All in favour


9. Calvin motions to adjourn meeting at 3:02.  Rod Seconds.  All in favour.

Written by : Administrator