Meeting Minutes - June 28, 2018

Red Deer Beekeepers Association Meeting Minutes

June 28, 2018

Introductions and quorum count

Meeting called to order at 7:05.

Members introduced themselves.

Board will check meeting bylaws to determine when quorum is achieved

Ammendment: Quorum, as laid out in our bylaws, is 30% of members.  With 60 members on the meeting date, this is 18.  Quorum NOT met.  Topics and voting decisions will be carried forward to the next general meeting.

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Last meeting minutes were circulated for review.  In future state, the meeting minutes will be posted online for review.

Additions/revisions to agenda

None from group

Approval of meeting agenda

Calvin (moved)

Ron (approved)


President’s Report – James Morton

Membership standings

60 members this year, dramatic increase over this time last year.

Newsletter contributed to increase.


Website update

Marketplace now on website – minimal postings so far. Postings stay put for 30-90 days. Working on program to pull items for sale into a list that can be posted on Facebook (Alberta Beekeepers’ Buy n’ Sell). Also, working on forms for mentorship and equipment rentals (included in marketplace).


Post box

Now have a post office box at the Bower Mall Shoppers Drug Mart


Inform Alberta

Government service that provides a platform for a public service directory. James filled out an application for our Association to appear in the listings. Ability to call 211 and report a swarm which will be directed to our association for Red Deer area. Also contains info about membership.


City of Red Deer bylaws

Red Deer City is revising their animal bylaws – mid-summer. Honeybees will be considered as part of this revision. Airdrie recently approved beekeeping in their city limits.


Treasurer’s report – Eileen Berry

Year-end financials submission to AB government

Current balances: Bank is $2774.38 and PayPal account $1567.65

Move to amend bylaws – special resolution for changing our year-end date


Year-end must be changed from January 31st to May 31st to align with the end of the month of our incorporation.

Eileen moved, seconded by Calvin.

Ammendment: This falls under special resolution and will be revisited in accordance as such at a future date.


Insurance – James Morton

Association insurance update

James working with insurance company (Cooperators) to obtain personal liability coverage.


Available members’ insurance plans

James outlined options/levels. Must choose one. Basic $2,000,000.00 liability.

Insurance is personal and commercial. Cap on number of hives (<100). No minimum number of members (80+).


Dale moved we go with basic coverage. Ken seconded. Motion carried.

Ammendment: As this meeting did not meet quorum, this will be carried forward to the next general meeting.


A member asked whether members need to be registered with the provincial apiculturist to be eligible.

Ken asked whether there have been incidents that anyone was aware of.


Board insurance

Non-profit boards usually have Officers and Director coverage (cost between $500 and $800/year). This covers lawsuits directed at the association and its board.

Calvin moved to table decision for further inquiry. James seconded.

Liz to send James’ contact info for another insurance agency in Wetaskiwin that offers a similar product, for comparison.

Calvin reminded members to ensure that their hives are registered with the government of Alberta. This is due in two days. Calvin to post reminder on Facebook this evening.


Move to adopt and offer member insurance plan, strategy for implementation

Further investigation required (as above).


Charitable status – requirements and implications - James

Association is a registered non-profit organization. Query by member as to whether we want to apply for charitable organization status. No cost to register federally; maybe $60/year to register, provincially. Requires submission of an annual tax return and audited financial statements. Dale asked whether charitable status affects our potential insurance premiums. Will discuss further at next meeting.


Swarm catcher’s report - Calvin

One swarm, so far. Sign-up for swarm catching on the association website. Packages and Nucs getting full this time of year; more swarms likely in next few weeks.

Charity and Carol interested in rescuing Bumblebee nests. James creating a section on the website for people to report this type of activity.


Event planning – Dale Bowler

Members’ field day and BBQ for July

Dale and Brad willing to host. Hive inspection demonstration followed by BBQ. July 21st 11:00 am. Association will provide burgers and hot dogs. Members provide potluck salad or desert and lawn chair. Calvin moves association spend $200 on BBQ supplies. James seconded. James to post event on the website and members to sign up for the event. Will include meeting with the event.

Ammendment: As this meeting did not meet quorum, this will be carried forward to the next general meeting


Next meeting date – July 21st at BBQ.


Basics for splitting your hives – Calvin Goulet-Jones

Don’t split during dearth

5-frame split - 2/2/1: mix 2 capped brood/eggs, 2 pollen, 1 honey

Split can make own queen this time of year.

Earlier in season need to provide new queen. Wait at least 24-36 hours to add a queen but not more than 48hrs. Leave queen in hive, in cage, for four-five days. Make sure opening of queen cage is up so queen can escape easily. Recommend moving hive 2-3 km away. If this is not an option, is best to make split in middle of the day – so you don’t get the foragers. Nurse bees haven’t left hive yet, so are not as likely to return to their old hive. Put sticks and grass (can add entrance reducer) in front of hive and at entrance to motivate bees to reorient. Overload split if leaving in same spot to help balance forager loss to original hive. Age of eggs indicated by their position in the cell: straight up – one day old, leaning – two days and sideways – three days.


Course Development - James

May look at developing our own courses starting this Fall. Will leverage member expertise to develop curriculum and facilitate the course.



Meeting adjourned at 8:26.

Written by : Administrator