Marketplace Terms of Use


By using the classified ads (known as the Marketplace), you agree to the Red Deer Beekeepers Association Terms and Conditions and the following:


  • Use of the Marketplace is at your own risk - the RDBA is not associated with nor guarantees any of the products or services advertised.  You are entering into a business transaction with the individual advertising the product or service, not the Red Deer Beekeepers Association.  Similarily, the RDBA will not be held responsible in any way for the sellers personal property.


  • The sale of beekeeping equipment or bees is subject to provincial and federal guidelines, including but not limited to the Provincial Bee Act, which can be found here.


  • Members of the Red Deer Beekeepers Association (RDBA) may post ads free of charge.  Member ads will stay up for 30 days maximum.  You can edit your ad or delete your ad should it no longer be required.


  • Users may not post ads on behalf of commercial retail businesses with which they are associated.  Commercial businesses may contact the RDBA directly to inquire about advertising on our website.


  • Users may not post ads for swarm removal services, as the RDBA has a swarm removal group already in place.


  • Users must post ads under the appropriate category.  Multiple items may be posted as long as they are appropriate for the category.