RDBA Annual General Meeting

From April 07, 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm

The Red Deer Beekeepers Association Annual General Meeting will be held Sunday, April 7th from 1-4 PM at the Kerry Wood Nature Center.  The AGM is open to everyone and will include guest speakers, snacks and refreshments.  We encourage all members to attend and participate as we vote in the 2019 Board of Directors and Executive Committee.  If you would like to serve on the board of directors or the executive commitee, please let us know.  We have also amended our Association Bylaws and this will require member vote to be passed.  Formal notice and agenda for the AGM will be sent out by email and posted on the website soon.


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1.  Introductions and quorum count

2.  Adopt the Agenda

3.  President's Report

4.  Review of 2017/2018 financial reports and current financial position (Treasurer's Report)

5.  Election of executive committee and board of directors.

6.  Special resolution - Bylaw Adoption

7.  Review of other motions put forth by members prior to the meeting.


Guest Speakers


 jeremy bio

Provincial Update

Jeremy Olthof is currently the President of the Alberta Beekeepers Commission and owner/operator of the Tees Bees commercial apiary.  We are proud to have Jeremy attend this years Annual General Meeting and provide us with a Provincial beekeeping update.  Click here to learn more about the Alberta Beekeepers Commission!




Bumble Bee Rescue

Born and raised on a farm in Red Deer County, Carol Hoskin is a mother of 3, an animal lover, a bee keeper and rescuer. As a founding member of the Red Deer Beekeepers association, she has discovered a need to educate the public on the importance of leaving bumble bees undisturbed in their natural environment. Many calls to the swarm catchers group aren’t honey bees, they’re bumbles, or other native bees. Carol will visit and determine if the nest needs to be relocated and more importantly, can be relocated.  Carol will be talking to us about her Bumble Bee Rescue Program.



Native Bee Habitat

Charity Briere started the Red Deer Beekeepers group in 2013 after taking a beekeeping course and looking for a community of support and sharing in the Red Deer area. She studied Entomology for her undergrad degree and is now working on an MSc thesis on urban bumble bee ecology. In addition to reading anything she can get her hands on related to wild bee news and research, and actively participating in community education programs that focus on pollinators, she is working on turning her urban yard into a Pollinator Paradise.




Malcolm Connell, long time beekeeper and member of the Edmonton District Beekeepers Association will be joining us to talk a little about a new program in development, the Alberta Bee Breeders Association.  Further to this, Malcolm will be providing us with some information on artificial swarms, creating brood breaks and raising queens using the double screen.