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Insulative Hive Sleeves


Insulative hive sleeves are a fantastic way to create a more stable internal hive environment, but they can be difficult to make.  Constructed properly, however, they can last many years without requiring replacement. 

Click here for a full overview of how to create these sleeves properly!





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Courses & Education

There are several beekeeping courses being offered throughout the Province.  Follow the links below to learn more!


Bee Culture Solutions


Edmonton Beekeepers Association


Calgary Beekeepers Association


Apiaries and Bees for Communities



Upcoming Events

Meetings, guest speakers, field days, get-togethers and can find it all right here. Click below to see upcoming events...


Past Meetings

Missed a meeting?  Not to worry, catch up by clicking the links below.  Our meeting space is sponsored by Pursuit Adventures - Red Deer's locally owned tour company and cafe.

RDBA Marketplace


Local Beekeepers, Local Products

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Locally available hive products, equipment, tools, accessories and anything else you can imagine that is beekeeping related! Visit the marketplace today!


Local Pollinators

Learn More!

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Local pollinators are critical to our ecosystem, and the honey bee is but one. There are many different species of pollinator bee common in Central Alberta. Learn more!