Red Deer Beekeepers Association

Annual General Meeting

April 7, 2019


  1. Meeting called to order at 1316
  1. Introductions and Quorum Count
    Board introduced themselves. Quorum 20 members, 22 in attendance.
  1. Agenda

Calvin moved to adopt the agenda, Carrie seconded. Approved.

  1. President’s Report

First meeting held in March. Addressed spring management.

Membership has increased significantly since inception three years ago.

Looking for additional Board of Director-at-large members.

Field days being planned. BBQ in June.

  1. Review of 2017/2018 Financial Reports (Treasurer’s Report)

Year-end dates corrected and statements filed with the government.

$2000 in bank account

Paypal account $2100

Expenses: insurance payments, monthly website maintenance, bank fees

$1120 in membership fees

$10 for rental of vaporizer

In negative balance of -$500, but should soon be positive as more membership fees are collected.

  1. Election of Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Calvin described board positions and asked for interest in positions.

President: James nominated (Calvin) and approved.

Secretary: Carrie nominated (Charity) and approved.

Treasurer: Eileen (James) nominated and approved.

Vice President: Calvin (James) nominated and approved.

Directors-at-Large: Carol and Charity staying, Dale leaving his position.

New DOL volunteers: Kyle Maier and Doug Weisbrod elected.

  1. Special Resolution – Bylaw Adoption

Updated bylaws online since March for members to review. Calvin provided context for the recent changes.  Quorum requirement reduced from 30% to 15%. Members given opportunity for questions.
James moved to adopt the new bylaws. Charity seconded. Approved.


Guest Speakers:

Jeremy Olthof (Tees Bees), President of the Alberta Beekeepers Commission
Provided information about formation of new Technical Team (James on Steering Committee).

  • Want to work with clubs
  • Commercial focus
  • Planning to hold large IPM workshop in Red Deer at the Sheraton Hotel in Red Deer
  • Research activities include: development of a program to help producers comply with CFIA requirements, development of a database to use with equipment designed for detecting adulterated honey,
  • Providing food safety workshops
  • Developing information to help producers with energy efficiency
  • Honeybee stock performance information soon to be available on website
  • Support for post-secondary education: three bursaries available – deadline end of May
  • Contacted by UofA - group of students designing a building for overwintering
  • Grant McEwan University student group – looking at information on emerging markets for honey
  • Supporting a UofM student conducting research on Nosema (in Canadian prairie environment)
  • Fumagilin likely available in the Fall. Beekeepers exploring other options (e.g. – Bee Vital)
  • Events: June 22 – Beaverlodge field day, International conference in Montreal – ApiMondia (?sp.), offer to host field day at Tees Bees again this year.
  • Found Oxalic vaporizer and donated to Red Deer Beekeepers club

Carol Hoskin – Bumblebee Rescue program

  • Second year of program (50%) survival rate last season
  • Contact information on Facebook
  • Link to be posted on club website
  • Charges $50 flat fee (could be more if recovery is difficult)
  • Passed around business card

Charity Briere – Local Entomologist: Native Bees

  • Charity provided a presentation on Native Bees
  • James creating a page on RD Beekeepers website for Charities project updates

Malcolm Connell – Edmonton Beekeepers

Provided a presentation to members on: Creating Artificial Swarms (adapted from Bee Culture Magazine: by Bill Ruzick, Vernon BC)

Thomas Wright – President Calgary Beekeepers

  • Provided information about Calgary Beekeepers club philosophy (monthly meetings and everyone welcome)
  • Event at Olds College on May 11 called ‘All About Queens’.
  • Website:

James adjourned meeting at 1532.