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The Red Deer & Area Beekeepers Association was officially formed in 2016 by a small group brought together through a common interest in the art of beekeeping. Beekeeping by it's very virtue is an amazing way to connect with each other, with our local communities and with the natural world.  Membership in our organization has grown to include both hobbiest and commercial beekeepers as well as those interested in native pollinators and native habitat conservation.  Members meet and enjoy regular meetings, guest speakers, education, local events, field days and fun get-togethers.  Your membership will help fund and organize events, workshops, community programs and give you access to member-only events and programs such as our annual collaborative equipment purchase discount.  There are opportunities for mentorship, networking and volunteering - the possibilities are endless. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just enjoy honey on your toast, we welcome everyone to join! 


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