Report a Swarm!


Thank you for taking the time to report a honeybee swarm to the Red Deer Beekeepers Association. 

First, let's begin by identifying what you see...


Honey Bee Swarms




Honeybee swarms land on trees or other outdoor objects as the members search for a new home.  Honeybees are more pale in color than the bumble bee or wasp.  If you have spotted a swarm that looks like the picture above, click the link below to report it to us!


Please note that we do not remove honey bees from inside walls or structures.  You can still report these using the link below and we can try to connect you with someone who could help.


Click Here to Report a Swarm!






Bumblebees do not swarm.  They are much larger than the honey bee or wasp and have fur.  Also, they are not ever typically aggressive.  Bumblebees build their homes inside structures or underground. The colony is small and dies off in the fall as the queen leaves to hibernate.  The CABA does not remove bumblebee nests as they are fragile.  It`s best to leave them alone and seal the area off in the fall time.







Wasp colonies also do not swarm.  They are much brighter and shinier than a honeybee and smaller than a bublebee.  Wasps are very aggressive, even if not provoked and live in grey colored nests that are constructed of a paper-like material.  The CABA does not remove wasps or wasp nests.  Please contact pest control.



We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Contact us for more information.