Swarm Removal

Terms of Service


By agreeing to the Terms of Service you agree to the following...


Personal Information

  • I agree that my information may be shared within the Red Deer Beekeepers Association (RDBA) Swarm Catchers network. 
  • I agree that the swarm location will be archived in the RDBA database for the purpose of tracking honey bee swarm history.



  • I acknowledge that I am inviting the designated Swarm Catcher(s), and their assistants onto my property for the purpose of honey bee swarm removal.
  • I acknowledge that the RDBA Swarm Catchers are not licensed contractors and that there is a potential risk of injury and/or property damage during honey bee swarm collection. I release the designated Swarm Catcher(s) from all liability during swarm collection and that the RDBA and/or the Swarm Catcher(s) are not liable for any injury and/or property damage that may occur during swarm removal and/or may be caused by bees.
  • I agree to release the Red Deer Beekeepers Association, their officers, Swarm Catcher(s), and members from any potential liability in relation to removal of a honey bee swarm.



  • I understand that swarm catching is a volunteer service provided by members of the RDBA Swarm Catchers, and there is no exchange of funds for the service.
  • I understand that the RDBA offers this as a volunteer service, and as such is subject to volunteer availability.
  • I understand that the safety of the designated Swarm Catchers is first priority.  The RDBA Swarm Catchers may refuse or terminate any job on any premise or due to any reason.
  • I understand that, should I like to make a donation to the RDBA, any donation that has been made (or may be made) is done freely, and is independent of an incident of swarm removal.
  • I understand that the swarm removal may not be successful.
  • I understand that a successful swarm removal may result in a small ball of honey bees remaining at the swarm site for up to a week.
  • I understand that I am responsible for contacting the Swarm Catcher(s) to arrange a return visit to collect a possible remaining cluster. I also understand that the Swarm Catcher(s) may not be able to return, and that the bees will dissipate on their own.
  • I understand that I am responsible for communicating with the Swarm Catcher(s) if I would like the honey bees to be removed in a certain way. I also understand that the Swarm Catcher(s) will have the experience and knowledge to determine the best way to acquire the swarm.
  • I understand that if honey bees are in a wall cavity, or other structure, the Swarm Catcher(s) may not be able assist with the honeybee removal.  The RDBA may recommend other services to remove swarms in structures.  The RDBA is NOT liable for any damage to property structures.